Sketch of the Firehouse Museum. Link to Museums




The CVHS was established in 1969.  Their mission is to preserve and promote the history of the Covina valley.  The Society operates two FREE museums; The Firehouse Jail Museum and the historic Heritage House.

The CVHS is a vibrant organization whose special events include exciting quarterly dinner meetings and history programs, an annual Casino Turnaround, historical outings, an antiques appraisal faire and more... 

Support the local history of your community!  Join CVHS members as we preserve the past for the future.  The Firehouse Jail Museum is open on most Sundays from     1-3pm.   The Heritage House is open on the first Friday of each month from 1-3pm.

Photo of a group of Civil War veterans. Link to Museum Membership information
Photo of Ellie and Frank Krouper and Laura Brady, museum volunteers. link to Events
Sketch of the heritage House at the eastern edge of Covina Park. Link to Museums

preserving the past for the future

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